Friday, 17 July 2015


I have taken on a professional challenge!
This term I am to be an eTeacher for the VLN.
I am starting by teaching a 6 week Astronomy course.
I found out today that there are already enrolments for my course and I start on Thursday!

I am quite nervous about how to engage learners in what is basically a lecture style format - small group webcam/skype kind of thing with a screen sharing function - a set up I have not used before!

I am doing a flurry of research as Astronomy is not something I consider myself an expert on - but that is not a concern I have.

A nice boost today was the release of my eTeacher profile written by one of the VLN co-ordinators...

Shine is an experienced classroom teacher living in sunny Nelson. She is passionate about the environment, loves hiking and geocaching; also playing Minecraft and Lego. Shine places a high value on equality in education, promotion of student directed learning and collaborative learning. Shine has been an environmental educator, with strengths in Science and eLearning. Later this year Shine will be travelling to Nepal with with First Steps Himalaya to build earth bag education facilities.

All that and I can whistle too!

The resources and discussion board for it will be up on WeLearn but that is user only viewing  - I will attempt to keep you all updated with some screenies at some point.


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