Saturday, 2 November 2013

Digital Storytelling

From the moment they wake up in the morning, animated cartoons and powerful digital stories surround our students. Animation and digital storytelling provide a myriad of opportunities for high-level performance tasks that engage students in Common Core Standards for English Language Arts.
Having students create content-rich and learning-focused animations and digital stories connects the work they do in the classroom to their media-rich world in which they live!
Will have this as an expectation next year - not as a goal. To get student engagement I think I will present them with an overview of a bunch of apps/programmes and a list of activities and get them to work in groups to match activities with apps/programmes they could use.
iPads are a great tool forcontent consumption but there are plenty of free iPad apps that help studentscreate content too!  Our Story for iPad lets users write their own stories using images saved on their iPad camera roll.  Add text and record your voice for each page before sharing your final product as a PDF or zip file.
Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for teaching ELA on iPads: story mapsfigurative languagefluencycurrent events, andmore!
You might have used a app like this to create a scrapbook page of family pictures but it can be easily used in the classroom.  Pic Collage is a free app that allows users to take multiple images and place them on a blank canvas or within borders and add text and captions.  Students in my class use pictures that they’ve taken themselves or gathered from Google Image search.  They can save their “posters” to their Camera Roll and email their work.  These make great bulletin board items!
Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan for using this app in your classroom!

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